The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has long threatened to withhold UK financial aid from African governments that do not reform legislation banning homosexuality. On 30 October 2011, Cameron was reported to have said, “Britain is one of the premier aid givers in the world. We want to see countries that receive our aid adhering to proper rights. Those receiving UK aid should adhere to proper rights.”

Britain has threatened that if Malawi did not legalise homosexuality and same sex marriages, Britain would withdraw its aid which has been reported as being in the order of 19 million pounds. Uganda has become a recent victim of British intimidation, after it passed in its parliament, a Bill making homosexuality and same sex marriage a criminal offence. African leaders must take up pending serious African issues with Europe, the colonial under-developer of Africa. I will elaborate on this later. For now, let me remind that the first same sex marriage on this planet, took place in the Netherlands on 1 April 2001. Was this April Fools day joke? No, Belgium followed in 2003, Spain in 2005, Canada in 2005, Norway in 2009. In America at that time out of 52 states that constitute the USA, only six had legalised same sex marriages. In Africa out of 54 African countries, only South Africa has allowed homosexuality and legalised same sex marriages.

I was a Member of the South African Parliament for ten years. When I spoke in the debate on homosexuality, I said among other things, “Only those who have sold their souls to cultural imperialism will support this obscenity. It is hypocritical to talk of ‘moral regeneration’ and ‘African Renaissance’ and turn round and surrender to this cultural aberration. It is no excuse that it is in the constitution. It should never have been there in the first instance. The burning issues in this country are landlessness [of the African people], inhuman squatter camps, unaffordable education and unemployment, lack of good health care [for Africans] and eradication of poverty….A large body of scientific researchers on homosexuality has established that there is no scientific basis for homosexuality. There is no gay gene.” [Interjections]…..Population is a very important national asset, especially for Africa. Africa has more resources than the so-called “first world” which incidentally, is much younger than Africa, especially on matters of morality. Pre-colonially, African laws never clashed with moral issues. In African societies morality was synonymous with legality. Law is a natural product of a people…… This African principle of law-making was long appreciated by Frederick Karl von Savigny, who was incidentally an outstanding German jurist. He pointed out that “law must develop naturally. Law is a unique creation of each nation and race. Laws must be adapted to the spirit of each nation because rules that apply to one nation are not valid for another nation…. This is correct. That is why there has to be respect for the national sovereignty of every nation, except where there is gross violation of human rights, for example, situations of genocide…… Friederich Puchta, another eminent European jurist said, “Law grows with the growth of a people.” To Puchta, a nation was a community of people linked together by historical, geographical and cultural ties.”…..Puchta elaborated on the theory of jurisprudence known as volkgeist. He said that volkgeist is the broad principles of the legal system that are found in the spirit of the people and become manifest in customary rules. He concluded by saying that “legislation must conform to the popular consciousness of the people.”

Africa must therefore not adopt European laws that are in conflict with the moral values of the majority of Africans and could cause political instability in an African nation, causing violence and even reducing the African population dangerously.

AIDS has decimated millions of young Africans who are the future and source of Africa’s population and its perpetuation. Thousands of young people are buried every week in Africa living older people behind. There are other diseases such as TB and Malaria that are contributing to Africa’s population decline. It has also been found that the fertility of women in South Africa, for example is declining. If Africans are not vigilant and play down the importance of population, soon a depopulated Africa shall be a dumping ground of over-populated countries from elsewhere outside Africa. This will have suicidal consequences for the African people.

Population is an important national weapon, politically, professionally, industrially and militarily. One of the main factors that led to the demise of apartheid colonial South Africa is that the international community found it repugnant that a tiny settler colonial minority could bully 80% African indigenous majority with the assistance of many Western European countries. Nations that practise homosexuality will disappear from the face of the earth. Africa must not be among them.

The pressure on Africa to go homosexual is coming from Europe. This is from the British government and its allies that have not accounted for their role in the Slave Trade of Black human beings (Africans). Through the Berlin Act of 26 February 1885, seven European countries stole the whole of Africa except Ethiopia. They sliced this African Continent among themselves like a cake at a royal wedding. They used the “cheap native labour” and looted the riches of Africa to develop Europe and under-develop Africa. They practised unprecedented racism in human history. They treated Africans as sub-humans. Paradoxically, they are today lecturing Africans on how they must live and govern themselves. These self-appointed “teachers” may have the most sophisticated weapons of mass destruction in the world, but they know very little about morality.

Speaking about the barbaric enslavement of Africans by Europeans in Senegal in February 1992, Pope Paul John II pleaded with Africans “to forgive all those who during those 500 years [of European slave trade] have been the cause of pain and suffering for your ancestors and for yourselves.”

Writing about the inhumanity of the European slave traders with the full support of their governments, the Rev J.H. Soga said, “Murder was the order of the day. Men and women and children were massacred, and the captives sold without regard to the ties of fatherhood or offspring. The one ruthlessly torn from the other as if the bond of love…had no existence. Family upon family, tribe upon tribe was often completely swept away not even an infant being spared. Millions upon millions of the sons and daughters of Africa were sent to destruction as if they had been wild animals.”

These were the days when the Right Rev. Mead, Bishop of the Diocese of Virginia in America, then a British colony, could preach to the African slaves and say, “Almighty God has been pleased to make you slaves here, and give you nothing, but labour and poverty in this world, which you are obliged to submit to, as it is His will that it should be so. Your bodies…are not your own: they are at the disposal of those you belong to.”

A Swiss missionary Henri Junod proclaimed, “The Blacks…despite all that has been written on the fundamental axiom of absolute equality of mankind, are an inferior race, made to serve….Everyone…is deeply concerned that the Blacks should accept the position assigned to them by physical and intellectual faculties. Without the arms of the natives the gold mines in Johannesburg which have built up the prosperity of South Africa would cease to exist from one day to the next for it is the native arms which accomplish the entire manual labour in the extracting of gold…the white man’s role is that of the organiser, the master under whose watch; must work million arms of the native population.”

A British philosopher Betrand Russell has written about European atrocities in the “Belgian” Congo. “Each village was ordered by the authorities to collect and bring in a certain amount of rubber – as much as the men could bring in by neglecting all work for their own maintenance. If they failed to bring the required amount, their own women were taken away and kept as hostages of government employees. If this failed…troops were sent to the village to spread terror, if necessary by killing the men…they were ordered to bring one right hand amputated from an African victim for every cartridge used.”

According to Sir H.H. Johnston the Congo population was reduced from 20 million people to nine million in fifteen years. These Are Matters African Leaders Must Discuss with Western Europe and its allies, NOT HOMOSEXUALS AND SAME SEX MARRIAGES.

The worst genocide occurred in Namibia in 1904. Namibia was then a German colony. A well armed German colonial army under General Lothar von Trotha drove the Hereros to the Kalahari Desert where there was no water. 80% of the Herero people died of dehydration in that desert.

African people must raise this debate to a higher level where it really belongs. All imperialist countries that colonised Africa must pay reparations for the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in African human cargo as well as reparations in looting African riches after the Berlin Conference.

European museums are full of artifacts that were looted from Africa by European colonial governments. Their home is Africa. European countries must repatriate these artifacts to their African owners in Africa.

On the repatriation of these African artifacts from European museums, UNESCO Director-General, Amoude-Mahtar M’Bow wrote, “The return of a work of art or record to the country which created it enables its people to recover part of the memory and identity and proves that the long civilisation which shapes the history of the world is still continuing in an atmosphere of mutual respect among nations.”

Africa has never dictated to Europe what laws Europeans must or must not make. It is therefore, very impudent of Britain and its allies to want to bully Africa into making laws that suit Europe and threaten withholding financial aid to African countries that refuse to legalise homosexuality in their own countries.

Anyway, let it never be forgotten that Western Europe and its allies accumulated its wealth from the enslavement of Africans and underdevelopment of the African Continent through the barbaric and inhuman Berlin Act of 26 February 1885. Unfortunately, while there are attempts to divert this serious issue to homosexuality and same sex marriages; the neo-colonial exploitation of Africans by former architects of slavery and colonialism goes on unabated. In the words of Pope Benedict XVI, “Our Western way of life has stripped Africa’s people of their riches and continues to strip them.”

By Dr. Motsoko Pheko
The writer is a former member of the South African Parliament. He is author of several books on history, political science, law and theology.

A tragedy of epic proportions is unfolding across Africa. This tragedy, popularly referred to as the “Africa Land Grab” is turning the African continent into a slave plantation and we, Africans, slaves in our own land. Under the guise of foreign investment, African leaders give foreign countries and companies the most productive land and forcefully remove us, Africans, from our lands. With our ancestral lands taken away, we become refugees in our own land and foreign companies owners of the land.

We, the people of Africa welcome foreign investments, but grabbing the most productive lands in Africa to grow food that is exported to another country while we starve is not considered investment by us. Grabbing water or other critical natural resources of Africa and depriving us, the people whose land those resources reside the benefit of those resources is not a welcome investment. Forcing us off our ancestral land so it can be sold to hedge fund companies while we become refugees and slave-laborers in our own continent is unethical, genocidal and a human rights violation. We, the African people and people of goodwill will STOP the re-introduction of slavery and genocide under the guise of “foreign investment.” Be it known therefore, that the sale or lease of large tracts of land by Africans in or out of authority without the consent of the African people is considered illegal, null and void and will be vehemently resisted by all Africans. When leaders fail to lead or fail to lead responsibly, the people must step in and take the lead.

Pursuant to the above, we the undersigned, representing the people of Africa on the continent and in the Diaspora, and also representing people of non-African descent who oppose the unethical theft of Africa’s resources, hereby declare that all land grab – the sale or lease of land by people in and out of authority who lack the moral, ethical or political right to lease and who lease without the knowledge and explicit consent of the African people – are illegal, null and void and non-binding. To be binding, all land sales or leases must conform to the following principles;

- The seller must have the moral authority and the commercial, legal and political rights to sell or lease the land and the lease term must not exceed 40 years;
- The sale or lease to other countries and business entities MUST be made with the knowledge and express consent of the immediate inhabitants of the land and of the people of the country;
- The sale or lease of tracts of land to businesses or other countries MUST have been put to a referendum and approved by a majority of the people of the particular country in which the land sale or lease is being made. The terms of sale or lease of the land, along with the results of the human, resource, ecological and environmental impact studies MUST be made public to the people before, during and after the referendum;
- Land containing natural resources, water, gas, oil, manganese, cobalt, gold, diamonds, etc. may not be sold to foreign entities (governments, businesses or individuals) as these constitute the natural resources of the African people as a whole. A resource that is needed for the well-being of Africans;
- The price of the land must reflect its true value and all transactions must be above-board. African tax payer monies may not be used to subsidize the sale or lease nor may they be used to develop infrastructure on the leased land;
- The sold or leased land must be subject to the laws of the country selling the land – foreign laws will not apply to owners of large tracts of land – excluding embassies. Local or foreign armies or security forces must not be used against the local population;
- The sold or leased land must be subject to the laws of imminent domain of the country and the laws of imminent domain must be made known to the buyer or leaser of the land before an agreement is reached;
- Fifty one percent (51%) of the managers of the land MUST be Africans. Forty nine percent (49%) of the crops grown on the land MUST be for local consumption – local food crops. We, Africans consider it unethical to use our land to grow crops to feed others while we, the Africans, starve;
- Seventy percent (70%) of the workforce MUST be Africans and they must be paid internationally-accepted living wages;
- There must be no forced relocation of the immediate local inhabitants of the land. All issues related to the sale or lease must be resolved with the immediate local population before a national referendum is held. - Forced relocation of Africans from their ancestral land to make room for foreign investors is considered genocidal and a human rights violation;
- Adequate compensation must be negotiated with the immediate local inhabitants and the compensation MUST be paid to them before the sale or lease is finalized. The immediate local inhabitants must be free to negotiate on their own behalf;
- The buyer or leaser must agree to use the land in a way that is ecologically sound and environmentally friendly. Not adhering to ecological and environmental laws may lead to termination of the sale or lease. The buyer and leaser must also treat the local population with dignity and respect and so must the local population treat legitimate investors;
- It is the responsibility of the buyer and or leaser to be aware that land sales or leases made by people in authority that do not conform to the principles above will NOT be honored;

Any and all land deals in Africa that do not conform to the above principles must be renegotiated to conform or they will be categorically rejected.


If it seems everyone has suddenly gone mad, it is because they have, which is something I predicted decades ago, but which gives me no satisfaction now.

They’ve been lying to you for one hundred years (actually much longer). How stupid do you have to be to think they’re telling you the truth now. The system your parents believed in has morphed into an insane super weapon that aims to take your possessions and your life.

And who is in control of it? Well, we already know that. The labels we apply to them are all different parts of the same elephant trampling everything that gets in its way.

World War I started with fake provocations and a promise to the Jews that they could set up their outlaw hideout in Palestine. World War II was engineered against a country that only wanted to escape the clutches of Jew bankers and live moral lives.

The lie of 9/11 enabled the hoax that terrorists in a cave were reasons to bomb Afghanistan, and weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist were reasons to turn Iraq into a perpetual slaughterhouse, a cash cow for the development of exotic new weapons and new techniques for methods of oppression.

What are the real reasons for the continuing drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen, or the savage attacks that killed so many innocents in Libya and Syria? Because our fearless leader said their leaders were abusive demagogues, even though the people who actually lived in those countries were quite happy with them.

Self-justifying history written by the victors at the expense of objective truth not only poisons the present with self-deceptive rationalizations, but guarantees an ominous future of unrelenting darkness based on endless repetitions of these self-serving lies.

It’s the fear factor, getting us to timidly trade our freedom for security from evil events that they themselves have created.

We see all this now in vivid color, with the hollow point bullets, the unending theft of trillions by Jew bankers, and the deliberately sabotaged environment. Obama’s campaign call of “Change!” really meant “Death!” to all who opposed this clandestine Jewish takeover of the world, and that’s what we’re seeing now. It’s open season on everyone who has not taken the bribe.

It seems to me the first step every American must take if we hope to stop this unending string of false flag terror episodes and slaughters of essentially defenseless countries is to honestly admit and thoroughly analyze our own unwillingness to confront our own false history.

But people recoil in horror and fear of what their neighbors will think when you try to tell them.

Hitler was a noble soul who was destroyed by the same Jew bankers who are destroying us now. McCarthy tried to warn us about the cancer on our government, but the Jew media ridiculed him and the gullible public went along with it.

The Kennedys were killed by lone gunmen, they said, and the public went along with it. AIDS was a disease of homosexuals, they said, and lots of people died, not from AIDS, but by taking the poison drugs they said would cure a disease that never really existed.

Yet despite all the evidence, we have been utterly duped in all these matters into accepting the phony media version of reality. The Frankfurt School has taught us that our families are evil, that homosexuality is the true liberation, and the only deaths that really count are the Jews who were killed in a Holocaust that never happened.

We continue to be intimidated into believing that we can invent our way out of our problems without recognizing the false and self-destructive assumptions that not only threaten the lives of every living thing on Earth, but hasten our own demise as well.

On our bitter course to gamble everything for one more day of life, we are spellbound in our quest for high-tech techniques that take our mind off the problem, and believe by any means possible that we can cheat our fate and improve nature, when nature is perfect to begin with. In this way the diligent scientists create our robotic future, in which the concepts of duty and sacrifice for those we love will no longer exist.

Each aspect of every problem we face is worsened by this attitude. There is no appeal to the legal system because it is utterly corrupt, no petitioning of Congress because they’re all bought off, and no sympathy from the cops because they’re not paid to protect the people, they’re only paid to protect the bankers’ property and beat the living feces out of anybody who doesn’t like the idea.

Our false history becomes our false present and foreshadows a false future which is no future at all. When the food runs out, the killing will begin, and you will have no neighbors, only enemies trying to take what you have.

That’s the way they want it, so the cops will have to step in, in the name of the security they have tried so hard for so long to sabotage.

We are unwilling to admit that the entire human species is being held captive by a mindset that makes each of us believe that each of our own individual futures hinges on our ability to corral as much money as possible in order to continue to suck our sustenance out of the existing structure of reality, even as that structure is collapsing right before our eyes. What will we do when have enough money, but all the stores are closed because the products they sell do not relate to the maintenance of life, but are only the specific promotions of the ability to inflict death?

The answer is all too clear now. We will die a nasty death. And sooner than we think.

We must admit that our history is false, and our present is run by homicidal liars who have no concern about the welfare of ordinary people anywhere.

We may observe this most clearly in the fundamental basis of the American economy, which for more than a century has been the sale of weaponry, a social course that has been perverted into providing support for war making efforts even as it has twisted all academic research from the pursuit of human comfort into the perverted drive for human dominance, both for essential resources and in the way people actually think.

The idea that individuals cannot survive without family, friends and community has been erased from our thinking. When society consists of only egoic consumers, it is inevitable that it will consume itself.

The endless pursuit of competitive advantage has created a world political situation in which when there are no more enemies to be conquered. Within the confines of this philosophy, when there are no more enemies, everyone becomes an enemy.

And when all the nations of the world have been brought under the heal of a soulless central bank, the war machine, because of its exclusive training for dominance, will have no recourse but to turn on itself, which is why the U.S. government is now making war on its own people, now that it has basically run out of enemies to conquer (except the patsy victim defenseless countries that we currently are torturing after turning these relatively harmless fiefdoms into exaggerated enemies to convince ourselves we must destroy them, or face destruction ourselves).

What a bad joke on everyone it all is

To see this is to see how small and useless as people we have become, and how meaningless our society has become.

Of course, the first step in overcoming all this is to see how we have been brainwashed by our own false history, duped into becoming killer slaves to disingenuous yet homicidal public relations ploys.

I think it’s becoming pretty clear that if we attempt to live the 21st century in the way we have lived the 20th, we will destroy ourselves. I think environmental indicators overwhelmingly show this to be true, given the deaths of 200 species per day and difficulties everyone is facing now in finding healthy food to eat, or even trying to breathe.

The recent and continuing debacle in Syria provides interesting insight into how wars are made and how the American economy is sustained by their production. It is also an instructive template of the formula for all the wars of the 20th century.

Basically, the formula requires a false flag assertion as a cover story for the item that is the target of a future theft. Syria has water that the aggressor covets. Plus, it also lies in the path of a proposed oil pipeline that the aggressor wants to build. Thus, local difficulties in the population are exaggerated, terrorists for hire known as mercenaries are stealthily inserted, and destabilization is achieved. When the facts are twisted to suit the aggressor, atrocities are fabricated to enflame public opinion, and reasons for all-out war are achieved.

You can see how this has played out in Syria, and the whole string of other countries the U.S. has ravaged on its bloodthirsty stampede to steal the resources it has long coveted.

Look a little deeper and you can see how this formula has triggered all the wars of the 20th century.

And look a little deeper still and you can see for certain the one group that has always been pulling that trigger, stealing the resources, and reaping the profits. Nothing is ever enough for them, nothing ever will be. It’s what their so-called holy book commands them to do.

The leering faces of Barack Obama and Michelle Bachmann and thousands of other hired shills always saying “first we have to pay down the debt” is the mantra of insanity the signifies the biggest lie in which we have trapped ourselves.

No, we don’t have to pay down the debt, we have to repudiate it, and jail the people who are promoting it, because it’s just a mask for the greatest theft of all time, what the Federal Reserve and the world bankers have done to the world.

It is this debt that is strangling the world, and it’s a total scam, the method the Jews have concocted to conquer the world. And they have done exactly that, as people everywhere die daily because of its false presumptions and heartless procedures.

Ordinary Americans didn’t request all these bombers and poisons to more efficiently kill and maim people. They just wanted reliable bridges and doctors that actually cured sickness, rather than accelerate it, as they do now.

American exceptionalism is the same disease as Israeli exceptionalism; it leads to homicidal megalomania.

The Jewish-controlled media isn’t just lying to you today — it has been lying to you for a hundred years, and more. Because of it, soon you will be dead, sooner than you thought.

Vampire movies are produced to teach you how to kill starving people after the food supply has been cut off.

Senseless security measures against fabricated threats like the crotch bomber and exploding breasts are demonic fantasies created by kosher psychopaths like Michael Chertoff as new and creative ways to kill you, while at the same time they look you straight in the eye and insist they are protecting you.

It’s a simple matter to describe what’s happening to the world at this time. It’s a Jewish Ponzi scheme whose ultimate aim is to kill off all natural life on this planet and replace it all with preprogrammed robotic droids who will never know that such concepts as liberty, dissent, conscience or honor ever existed.

This is where our history has taken us, a path that winds through countless centuries, always with the same objective, a no-holds-barred assault on everyone and everything to achieve something that can never be won, which is the battle to stop time and pretend that we will never die.

For now, be thankful that the Sun has come up another day. For far too many of us, this welcome event won’t be happening much longer.

1. MANSA MUSA I - $400 BILLION (BORN 1280)

Mansa Musa I, the richest person in history, had a personal net worth of $400billion at the time of his death in 1331.

Born in 1280, he ruled West Africa’s Malian Empire which covered modern day Ghana, Timbuktu and Mali.

His country’s production of more than half the world’s supply of salt and gold contributed to Musa’s vast wealth, which he used to build large mosques that still stand today.

According to the writings of Arab-Egyptian scholar Al-Umari, Musa inherited his throne through a practice of appointing a deputy after the king goes on his pilgrimage to Mecca; later naming the deputy as heir.

Musa was appointed deputy of the king before him, who had reportedly embarked on an expedition to explore the limits of the Atlantic ocean, and never returned.

Just two generations after his death, however, Musa’s world record net worth was diminished after is heirs were not able to fend off civil war and invading conquerors.

Former US Representative , Joe Walsh, hasn’t gotten into the spirit of the 50th anniversary of the “I Have A Dream” speech. He feels the whole thing is being used to promote other peoples’ selfish desires, “ In the build-up to this momentous occasion, many people have invoked King’s legacy to promote their own various causes.” He claims that important figures such as President Obama, and Al Sharpton are using the occasion to publicize their own ideas and affairs such as Obamacare.

Walsh feels that the black community should focus on the problems they have created for themselves instead of blaming others. Walsh supported FOX New’s Juan Williams when she stated, “…any question that [African Americans] have come along way, before importantly pointing out that blacks have to address the problems that are created within their communities. “I think that if you look at the realities of today, you’ve got to talk about things like family breakdown…You’ve got to talk about the fact that 70 percent of black children today are born out of wedlock. I think Dr. King would cry.”

Joe Walsh decided to give his own version of a “I Have a Dream” Speech which names some the “problems” the African American community created for itself, “I have a dream that all black parents will have the right to choose where their kids attend school. I have a dream that all black boys and girls will grow up with a father. I have a dream that young black men will stop shooting other young black men.I have a dream that all young black men will say ‘no’ to gangs and to drugs. I have a dream that all black young people will graduate from high school. I have a dream that young black men won’t become fathers until after they’re married and they have a job.”
One thing that Walsh fails to mention is that many of the harsh realities that exist in black America were created by white men like him. The War on Drugs, started by white men, led to a spike in incarceration rates for black males, many of whom were sent to prison for minor offenses. Whites use drugs as much as black people do, but were not prosecuted or incarcerated nearly as much. The loss of hundreds of thousands of black men to the criminal justice system caused the increase in single parent households, which was not a problem before the War on Drugs.

Also, many of the guns that magically appear in black neighborhoods are made and delivered by corporations that are run by white men. Walsh doesn’t seem interested in taking personal responsibility for the role that white men played in shaping the outcomes of this country, but appears to enjoy attacking black people. This makes him similar to other men in his position over the last 400 years.